Single-Source Responsibility

Our collaborative design-build delivery method combines architectural and engineering design services with construction performance as one team under one contract.

The design-build delivery method combines architectural design, engineering services, and construction performance under a single entity.  At Jewett, we work with you to bring a great idea from conception to reality.  This integrated approach provides the most expedited project timeline and ensures coordination of all aspects of the project including design/engineering coordination, municipality and permitting requirements, and coordination of owner supplied items.  There are many benefits to the design-build process; at Jewett we feel that the following are what truly separates our approach to design-build:

  • Cohesive communication with owners, designers, municipalities, etc.
  • Expedited project delivery
  • Clearly defined project goals from day 1
  • Multiple stages of preliminary budget analysis during design
  • Develop trust through transparency
  • Protect proprietary information
  • Early incorporation of critical subcontractors
  • Overall cost avoidance
  • Early incorporation of the build team during preconstruction
  • Comprehensive reviews of project deliverables before groundbreaking

At Jewett, we have built our core values around our commitment and ability to perform as a trusted design-build contractor.

Trust, passion, respect, and shared success are at the crux of how we operate as a company and is experienced throughout the design-build project lifecycle. Our emphasis on collaboration, transparency, and creative thinking creates a system where the owner’s project goals are at the forefront of every decision made. 

Our ability to adapt our design-build process to a wide range of project types and sizes provides our owners a tailored approach to their respective project. Jewett’s commitment to listen, plan, and execute creates an intimate dynamic with our owners and construction partners allowing us all to work in an expedited fashion while still maintaining the level of quality and cost avoidance the specific project requires. Jewett’s design-build delivery provides a single source responsibility throughout the entire design, preconstruction, construction, and post-construction phases of a project. 

The Jewett approach to design-build is best defined by three simple words:  Single Source. Trusted. 

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