Granite State Indoor Range and Gun Shop

Location: Hudson, NH
Architect: Port One Architects, Inc.
Engineer: Summit Engineering

The 12,960 SF indoor firearms range and training facility, includes two shooting ranges, firearms training rooms, the Patriot Gun Club lounge, office space and a retail store.

Granite State Indoor Gun Range came to Jewett with the opportunity to build a great project. It was fast-tracked and completed in 4 months. Constant and proactive communication between all team members was key. The client allowed Jewett to choose the designer, Port One Architects, and preferred vendors—Interstate Electrical Services, Armand E. Lemire Co., and Tri-State Sprinkler—before the budget was finalized or the facility’s location even chosen. Because of the specialized nature of the facility, the client also required his own key vendors — Georgia-based Meggitt Training Systems and Illinois-based Carey’s Small Arms Range Ventilation — both integral parts of the equation.

Having the team fully assembled from the get-go allowed Jewett to back into a budget with everyone at the table, zeroing into the client’s needs from the start. Another key to streamlining the project was the constant interaction between our vendors and those of the client—a close, day-to-day collaboration that allowed us to react instantly to their needs and fulfill their technical requirements.